History | Tsal


01 January 1973

The company was founded back in 1973 by Mr Nikolaos Tsalapatas in a small room 16m2 with initial capital 25.000 Drachmas. The company growth was rapid so in a period of 6 months the company changed its base in a new area of 120m2. Until the end of 1973 it moved again in a new area of 300m2 with 5 persons workforce. In the end of 1974 the company moved in a space of 750m2 with 12 persons workforce.

The evolution
01 January 1976

In 1976 Mr Tsalapatas bought the first owned area and built premises of 1.500m2 that stayed for 7 years with 26 persons workforce. Due to the continuous growth of the company and due also to the big projects that company started to operate, it bought and moved on in premises of 3.000m2 with 35 persons staff.

01 Ιανουαρίου 2000

In 2000 the company went on a big investment and bought , with its own capitals, new premises of 10.000m2 with facilities of 17.500m2 on which is still situated until today with a workforce of 70+ persons. At the company’s onset, we set our goal to make advertising signs that will not just "bring to mind" a brand, but create an image for it. This important parameter became our dominant philosophy and since then, we have invested at all unless it is accompanied by the appropriate practical infrastructure. For us, this means expertise, technical equipment and - above all - suitable people and ethos. The people staffing each department are highly qualified, experienced and demonstrate creative enthusiasm which is a must to ensure the top class results in terms of quality and budget.

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