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Job Opportunities

The criteria for us is above all the willingness to work, the creative spirit and fellowship.

If you think you meet the above, you can you send your resume to quoting the department you are interested in, and when there will be an available job, we will be happy to welcome you to our family.ας.

Job Position Position Code
Quality Control Department TSAL 01 – Q.C. Dept.
Research Department TSAL 02 – Res. Dept.
Designing Department TSAL 03 – Des. Dept.
Accounting Department TSAL 04 – Fin. Dept.
Support Department TSAL 05 – Sup. Dept.
Digital Printing Department TSAL 06 – Dig. Pr. Dept.
Forge Department TSAL 07 – Forg. Dept.
Industrial Painting Department TSAL 08 – Pnt. Dept.
Extruding Department TSAL 09 – Extr. Dept.
Assembling Department TSAL 10 – Mont. Dept.
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