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Genesis furniture

Not just a concept …but a vision!

“Genesis” marks the beginning of a new existence, as of the human life up to the birth of a vision.
Our vision of continuous growth has led us to our “Genesis” which stands for what exactly its name means…to create a new reality, from its inception as an idea until the completion of an act.
The sector of “Genesis” is a child, a subsidiary company, of the leading Greek company in the field of special constructions “Tsal Advertising Constructions S.A” and consists of a wide network of collaborators from the largest manufacturers of furniture in both the Greek and the European market.
The large manufacturing capabilities of these companies, combined with years of experience and expertise of their specialized staff, have fulfilled lots of the most important projects developed in both domestic and international markets.
Through this wide network and due to its many years of experience, Genesis is able to take over and carry out any constructive challenge awarded, utilizing its human resources, amounting over than 600 persons of skilled personnel, armament capabilities and proprietary facilities of over than 25.000m2 of Genesis and 100.000m2 of the rest network, which make possible the completion even of the largest projects.

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